Steph Denison

Total Communication Strategist

Steph Denison joins the Inclu Solutions team and brings with her unique capabilities in the field of ‘total communication’ – an approach which aims to remove barriers to communication by creating resources and visual aids, adapting information into ‘easy read’ formats and developing staff skills.

Steph also brings many years of experience working in the education arena as an advocate for children and adults equal access to education and learning as their hearing peers. Supporting those with learning disabilities and autism and people requiring deaf provision and as an interpreter and trained intervener. She has also worked as a volunteer in Sri Lanka helping renovate a girls dormitory in a Deaf school and providing communication support to the children.

She explains… ‘I believe that communication should be at the centre of everything we do, quite simply because everyone has the ability to communicate. But a single-format approach simply doesn’t work. Good communication is not only good practice but good business. This could be in any context – learning and education, social and of course, leisure. This means that travellers can access information, to plan, prepare and undertake travel and knowing that on arrival at their destination can communicate with service providers, hotel personnel and fellow travellers and guests. This applies to children and adults. So, I am passionate about sharing innovative techniques and ideas to create an accessible and inclusive communication environment. Wherever in the world that may take someone.’

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Steph Denison