Sophie Morgan

Disability advocate and social entrepreneur

Sophie Morgan is an award-winning disability advocate & social entrepreneur who was paralysed when she was 18 years old. Determined to channel her adversity into opportunity, she sees her challenges as a unique chance for creativity and has become the ultimate agent for change.

Sophie embodies her values; finding creative opportunity in diversity and adversity, and daring to be different, she proves the value and power of true disability representation in all areas of her work and life.

Passionate about inspiring and enabling change, she has empowered decision makers across various industries to recognise that they are obligated to be inclusive and to get the customer experience right for disabled people and the significant benefits and rewards of doing so.

In the media, Sophie can be found presenting many live para sporting events including the Paralympic Games, an adventure travel series, as well as hard-hitting current affairs programmes such as Dispatches and Unreported World. She is also a board member for Ofcom, the UK government- approved regulatory broadcast authority.

As a creative consultant, brand ambassador, product designer and problem solver, Sophie offers a range of services to help your brand get it right when it comes to inclusion so you can maximise revenue from what is almost certainly the largest untapped market in travel and hospitality, ensuring the growth of the business and loyalty from the largest minority in the world.

We’re proud to have Sophie join the Inclu Solutions team of global experts.

Sophie Morgan
Sophie Morgan