Shelley Rolfe

Innovative adaptive hearing and speech technologies lead

Shelley Rolfe is Head of UK Sales & Services at assistive technology designers and manufacturers, Contacta. She has formulated and delivers a strategy that promotes a message of “inclusivity for all”, ensuring that new and existing customers understand, implement and embed practices and procedures that create empowering and enriching cultures of inclusion. An approach completely in synch with that of Inclu Solutions, so Shelley is a valuable contributor to the 360 set of solutions we are able to make available to our industry.

With a focus on improving facilities and services available within the Retail & Hospitality sectors and recognising that even when provision is made for customers and users with visible disabilities (wheelchair users for example) the requirements of those with non-visible conditions are often not as well understood and as a result have little or no provision – deaf alert systems or adaptive technologies for the hearing impaired for example. Lack of such provision may not only send out a message of poor disability awareness and levels of care within an organisation, but can also have serious welfare and safety implications for services users. It also guarantees that a market which represents one in six of the worlds population are denied the confidence and opportunity to travel and stay safely and inclusively. Making little or no sense whatsoever from a commercial or even moral perspective.

So Shelley is perfectly placed to the support the travel, tourism and hospitality supply chain in identifying and and addressing their specific customer requirements. Whether it being designing and specifying equipment, carrying out the installation itself or simply providing on-site training/education seminars.

Contacta are able to deliver from concept to handover, with the aim of “Thinking of everyone in all that we do. Every step of the way”.

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Shelley Rolfe