Richard Liddle

Family and Childcare Facilities Expert

Richard Liddle began his career journey working with children for various tour operators in Europe and beyond. Worldwide Kids was set up to improve standards of care, inclusivity, and fun for children in hotels and resorts. With services ranging from family master planning for new resorts, or consultancy and design for hotel refurbishments, through to recruitment, developing and delivering training, operational policy, and outsourced operations for professional childcare settings in hotels, Worldwide Kids provides the all-important family know-how to get it right from the start.

Worldwide Kids is ideally placed to support the juxtaposition of hotels with well-meaning facilities but a lack of expertise to safely operate an inclusive childcare environment, through to well-operated kids spaces lacking in options to provide for all.

Now responsible for Worldwide Kids globally, Richard spends much of his time looking at new opportunities and options to bring fully inclusive kids environments to hospitality destinations worldwide.

Richard has 3 children, including one with autism, and is personally and professional all too aware of the limitations any additional needs can bring to family holiday options. He is passionate about helping hotels and resorts to be the best they can be for everyone.

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Richard Liddle
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