Nick Brooker

Service Excellence and Customer Loyalty Strategy

With an impressive roll-call of achievement, including hands-on ownership and custodianship of highly acclaimed specialist tour operations and multi-award winning alpine resort hotels, Nick Brooker knows a thing or two about creating successful customer-centric, service-led travel and hotel business operations. From brand forming, through forensic recruitment processes, to obsessional consistency – the Brooker methodology.

And Nick’s is a story of heritage… of up-close and personal, frontline, experience. Of learning and application that can only accrue over time – more than four decades of dedication to excellence in leisure, tourism and hospitality, in fact.

So we are enriched by having Nick in the Incluserve team, imparting his methods and proven capacity to achieving stellar levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the boutique, niche and Club hotel, dining and hospitality sector.

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Nick Brooker