Nadia Clarke

Keynote Speaker, Traveller & Motivator

Nadia Clarke brings unique insight and capabilities to Inclu Consulting. Ambitious, adventurous and widely travelled, she has already made a name for herself across the globe, influencing and motivating disabled people, travel and care professionals and key political and social decision makers in the USA, India, the UAE and beyond.

Nadia is a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, is deaf and uses BSL and an electronic communication aid as her primary means of communication. And communicating she does.. with purpose, power and effectiveness.

Massively influenced by her amazing family (Mum, Dad and 6 siblings!), and particularly Mum’s wise counsel as to the importance of smiling, self-belief, dreams and ambitions and critically the drive to pursue and realise them. Nadia’s strives each day with determination and passion to achieve these outcomes. She succeeds.

Nadia’s influences transcend borders, and she has crossed many! Europe, Asia, Australia, The Americas and Africa, her wheels have touched down in them all. But these pioneering and fulfilling journeys are not without challenges. She wouldn’t want them to be. Because encountering and overcoming physical, cultural and attitudinal barriers along the way has enabled Nadia Clarke to effect change, make the world more accessible, speak, influence, inspire and from a position of first-hand knowledge and experience spread her belief that travel is without equivalence in its capacity to empower and enlighten.

We’re privileged to have Nadia on the team.

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Nadia Clarke