Graham Race MBE

Aviation Expert

Graham Race MBE is a pioneer in the field of access to commercial flight for disabled people, having designed the award winning MERU TravelChair and setting up QEF’s ‘Tryb4ufly’.

Flying is an essential and desirable form of transport for millions of UK citizens each year, whether for business, pleasure, family or health reasons.

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation (QEF) is a UK national charity that provides services for disabled people. QEF Accessible Aviation provides information, practical demonstration and training to support disabled people who are considering flying. It has three mock aircraft cabin in Surrey, Birmingham and Leeds where disabled people can try equipment and discuss their flight.

Having a child with a disability has increased Graham’s desire to see the availability of life changing products and services for disabled people and families and is passionate about the role that aviation can play to inspire independence and achieve life goals.

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Graham Race