Carlana Stone

Inclu Solutions Lead – USA & Canada

Carlana Stone is a published author, international speaker, and the founder of a non-profit, non-partisan, cause-related, social-networking community, The Courage Community. By integrating social networking and social activism with patented, state-of-the-art technology, The Courage Community provides a revolutionary on-line portal of interactive experiences, which enables a user experience that enriches human connection and a sense of belonging.

Carlana is also an Emmy-nominated, award-winning television producer with over two decades experience collaborating with some of the top creative entertainment & technology pipelines in the world. And she now joins the Inclu Solutions team as our prime mover, influencer and ambassador in the USA.

Carlana began her career as the first wheelchair-wielding tv news reporter for ABC in Miami. She pushed her way into Hollywood producing shows such as A&E’s Intervention Judge Judy, and the Biggest Loser. Her style is characterised by her wholehearted grit and straightforward approach, infused with a signature dose of ‘Sugah’ and Louisiana spice.

Breaking stereotypes and challenging stigmas is a way of life for Carlana, who has achieved a multitude of accomplishments that defy her physical limitations. She became one of the world’s first paraplegics to fly an airplane solo… and she’s jumped out of a perfectly good one too. She also made cross-country road trips on her custom-built Harley Davidson trike and became a certified scuba diver in Grand Cayman.

So, Carlana brings a unique kaleidoscope of personal, professional and social achievement to the the Inclu Consulting portfolio of talent and solutions. Majoring now on ‘connecting intuition with strategy’ and the application of adaptive technologies to transform communications and immersive experiences within the travel and hospitality arena, she has taken us into a whole new world of possibilities. She can take our industry there too.

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Carlana Stone