Brian Scarffe

Inclucare Brand Account Manager Lead

Brian Scarffe loves travelling. And since sustaining his spinal cord injury at the age of 16, he has done a lot of it! In fact Brian’s travel journal would be the envy of even the most intrepid globe-trotting traveller. We’re jealous!

Of course early trips post-injury took in short haul destinations such as Spain and Italy but with ever expanding horizons and a passion for discovery and pushing the parameters of what is possible, Brian has experienced many of the worlds wonders including the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and cruised over the Barrier Reef. He has trekked in the mountains of Guilin and travelled across China by train. Discovered the deserts of Arabia, witnessed the sun set on The Gambia and watched it rise over the Serengeti. Scuba dived in Thailand, sailed the Backwaters of Kerala in India, ascended the tea plantations of Sri Lanka and had unforgettable fun in Fiji! And that’s just a snapshot.
So Brian likes to adventure… getting dirty and dusty on that long road to discovery. But he also takes the opportunity to a weave a little style and pampering into his global odyssey’s, staying in many of the worlds most iconic and luxurious hotels. This has not only given him an understanding of what customer service excellence looks and feels like but also of the inclusion cultures (or lack of) across the major luxury hospitality brands.

No one (on the planet in our opinion) therefore better qualified to lead our Inclucare Brand Account Manager team, working hand in hand with brand partner leaders and individual property management as they realise the extraordinary ROI potential from securing a coveted Inclucare Verified status.

Brian is uniquely resourceful and resourced. We learn from him each day and, with anticipation, we know our valued brand partners will too.

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Brian Scarffe