Our journey… so far

In launching a new tour operation, Accessible Travel & Leisure, in 1997, we consciously and definitively moved the narrative from ‘disability’ travel to ‘accessible’ travel. From the imperative of ‘where do you want to go’, and not ‘what is your disability’.

And now, with the launch of Incluserve, we shift the narrative again. This time, definitively, to ‘inclusion’.

Unlike the concepts of ‘accessibility’ inclusion does not default to the built environment, the wheelchair. Inclusion is embraced for what it really is: equity, respect, fairness, decency and caring.. for everyone. Inclusion means that children are embraced and accepted rather than excluded from kids-clubs. It means that in seeking to refresh, revitalise and rekindle happy times with family and friends, every guest has access to water: pool, sea, and spa. However restricted their mobility might be. It means that deaf guests are alerted to urgencies as a matter of course, just as those with hearing are. And visually impaired travellers are as intimately engaged, stimulated and enlightened as those with clear sight. Those with learning difficulties free to experience fun, adventure and discovery.

So this is the Incluserve mission: defining the future of travel, leisure and hospitality for anyone and everyone that seeks it, chartering a course and delivering solutions to the global supply chain that will empower and enable it to manifest caring, to everyone.